Our range of offers is vast and constantly updated, as well as being available all over the world territory. Have a closer look at our tool specifications and see where to purchase them. Our staff will be happy to provide you any information you may need.


With Nui Utensili Europa users everywhere in Italy and abroad will find a complete range and valid technical support for the choice of the most suitable tools.

Our distribution network is present in most parts of Italy and worldwide. It is made up of Retailers and/or Distributors with consolidated experience in the sector, and who work closely with the mother company in order to offer their own customers not only high quality tools, but also expertise for valid technical support in their choice of the most suitable tools, whether the request comes from the great mechanical industry, or the small hardware shops characterized by very specific machining requirements. 


An array of industrial metal cutting tools guarantees quality, safety and high performance in drilling, threading/tapping, reaming and milling processes.


You may request the catalogue with the complete range of Nui Utensili Europa cutting tools free of charge by filling in the specific form with your personal details.


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